Three Places You HAVE to cruise through in Wisconsin!

Let’s face it. It’s summer time and everyone with their hearts in the car community want to cruise when it’s beautiful out. We see the countless posts on Social Media about organizing meets and cruises, whether its from Walmart to Walmart late at night or a weekend ride around Lake Winnebago lasting nearly the whole day, we all love to cruise.

…But what happens when those routes become repetitive or mundane? We have put together a list of the best cruising roads in our home state, Wisconsin (no specific order).

The Kettle Moraine

2013-09-29_16-06-07_685.622x621Image Source: Here.

The Kettle Moraine. A place forged centuries ago by the retreat of the great ice sheets that once covered the northern half of the United States. Right at the edge of the rather flat and boring landscape of the upper half of Wisconsin, you will find this beautiful “State Park” situated to the right between Janesville and Waukesha.

2013-09-29_12-23-38_881.622x621Boulder Deposits. Image Source: Here.

Littered with Kettles (large pockets of water filled with sediment formed by retreating glaciers), lakes, prairie’s, and lush forests, the park is divided by winding roads that true driving enthusiasts will recognize as exhilarating  as well as scenic. There are many rest stops as well as recreational areas to spend some time outside of the cockpit. Check out the walking trails and landmarks while you’re there! You won’t regret it!

2013-09-29_18-11-00_241.622x621One of many Glacial Kettles in the park. Image Source: Here.

Eagle River

5886390045b4e61dac2d59219003b4e2Down Town Eagle River. Circa 1950 something. Image Source: Unknown

Known as the “Snowmobile Capital of the World” Eagle River is definitely a place to visit, even in the summer time. Whether you are cruising up alone or with a group, the scenic opportunities as well as surprisingly well taken care of roads (at least the main ones) make it totally worth a trip!

The well crafted and planned roads that run parallel to the Eagle River and along the Chain of Lakes make for a fine site to see. You will also find yourself in a great mix of small town feeling restaurants and bars. Check out the Friendship House for the best French Toast the north has to offer, as well as the shops downtown for all of your faux Native American jewelry needs!

Door County

The crown jewel of Wisconsin, Door County is situated in the northeast and is made up of the peninsula that cuts between the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. Culture, food, and Autumn road trips are all reasons to take your Sunday car up to the beautiful area that is Door County.Highway 42 in northern Door County Wisconsin.Highway 42.  Image source: Here.

For most car enthusiasts, this is an important place to travel to and explore during the summer season. If you find yourself at the tip of the peninsula, check out Highway 42: the featured photo for this blog and also one of the most famed roads in Wisconsin. Many groups also tend to host events and cruises here and end up staying at one of many of the local Hotels around town!

Feel that we left a location out? Let us know in the comments! We are always up for a cruise! Thank you for reading!



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