The 40th Annual Pierce Park Car Show

Classic cars, concession stands, swap meet vendors, and 60’s hits blasting over the crude speaker system set up in the center of the park are just a few things you find at the Pierce Park Car Show every year in the heart of Appleton Wisconsin. For years I have put off going to this event for no reason in particular but this year was different: I am now married, heavily involved in the car community, and eager to take photos of anything on four wheels worth looking at.

So I woke up early on my day off and headed to the park with my light camera gear and wife in tow. Right away, I had realized I had been missing out. There are all types of cars, 99% of them predating the year 1987 and each one of them 100% unique. From the the instantly recognizable ’57 Chevys, to the not so recognizable Studebakers and Hudsons. True wonders to see in today’s world of boring and vanilla automobiles that lack both style and personality.

Check out the photo gallery below from today’s event!

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