GearBangerz Life: Vacation Turned Photo-Op

Hey Guys!
It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog here and I wanted to write about a neat experience I had recently while vacationing in northern Wisconsin. Some of you may have seen the photos on our Facebook page of the blue 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart, that small photo shoot is what prompted this blog post!DSC_0302
The blue Ralliart in focus.

You see, I was about to leave for vacation last week and I knew I would be bringing along my camera to play with so I reached out to our local statewide car club; the Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club’s Facebook group to see if maybe our vacation spot was home to any members who would be interested in a photo-shoot midweek. Sure enough, within moments I had a reply from a man named Brian and we had a date and time set.

A few days later, we met up a little over two hundred miles away from my home, (which I found out was less than two miles from Brian’s work place) in Park Falls Wisconsin to take some photos of his car. How crazy is that? We were both on vacation in Park Falls, a town so small if you blinked passing through you would miss it. The funniest part was discovering that I pass his car parked outside his workplace at least once a week and I never knew who he was, yet we finally met two hundred miles away!DSC_0262
One of the most icon front fascias in modern rally.

I left my family behind to set up at an old abandoned motel, hidden behind the local (also abandoned) strip club, which was eerie to begin with even in broad daylight. Smashed windows, boarded up doorways, and advertisements left strewn about really gave me the creeps! Although, the property itself is a straight through and is composed of two parallel buildings with an empty lot in between them which is perfect for staging a car.

Symmetry, lines, and some d*** fine booty.

It’s amazing that we were able to meet up so far away from home even though we were both from the same area. It seems car people are everywhere, all the time! We’re becoming almost as common as sports fans! Even in the small town there were numerous modified econoboxes roaming the streets. Anyways, after a few quick shots we had parted ways as both of us were on vacation and had family to get back to. It was definitely an awesome experience and we will be shooting a full shoot in the near future as this car is one neat ride!DSC_0268
Booty pics for days.

Now, that was only the the topping to the week! The vacation itself was a blast! Park Falls is home to the St. Croix rod factory (for all of you fishing nuts!) and is surrounded by every sort of scenery you could possibly expect from Wisconsin, so there was plenty of exploring to do! Also, did I mention we were staying on an island? My wife’s family has had an Island in the family for almost one hundred years right in the middle of Butternut Lake! So for vacations we get to camp and party on AN ISLAND how cool is that?!?! (Besides the mosquitos…)…. only down side to an island is, there’s no cars! Oh well! I hope you guys enjoyed this quick blog, as always thank you for reading and stay tuned for future blogs like this one!


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