Vehicle Showcase #3: 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera

The years of driving a car yourself are completely gone. In today’s world our cars are filled with meaningless technology, an overwhelming amount of safety features geared toward the untalented, and automatic gearboxes. We have lost the feeling of the road, no longer do exhausts drone in the cabin, and worst of all the automobile itself as a whole has lost character and personality.

Please, take us back…

This is where our German time machine brings us back to the days of pure air cooled excitement, where everything the car does is because you “the driver” told it to. No lane mitigation, no traction control, no flappy paddles, just you, the car, and the road. That time machine? The 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera.DSC_0954 Final-2
When little red Porsches were yet to be labeled as “chick cars”.

This car is a dream come true. All original paint, all parts matching and original interior have this car set up to be the perfect investor’s car which is exactly what the owner plans to keep it as. An appreciating asset, something that cannot be said about practically any car on today’s market. It’s agile, yet humble. It’s beautiful with all of it’s curves, yet quiet when in a crowd. It takes a true car enthusiast to appreciate just exactly what this car is about.DSC_0929
The “Whale-Tail” spoiler is an Iconic part of this generation of 911.

Underneath the hood you will find, well, nothing. It’s rear engined, meaning the motor is actually in the boot behind the rear seats. The engine itself is a 3.2L air cooled flat 6 cylinder, pushing a heart….pleasuring 217hp. You may say that’s not enough, but we beg to disagree. From what I gather, this car is made for touring, not drag racing meaning it has enough power to get up and go when you need to but you will mostly find your happiness going steady through winding back roads and scenic routes. DSC_0943 Final
Mahler Park, Neenah Wi. was the grounds for our photo-op as we had instructions to not take it any further away from it’s home.

Although I did not have a chance to drive the car (understandable, as the current worth of this car is more than I’ve made working the past three years combined) riding along inside it was definitely interesting. The climate controls were confusing at most with not even a hint of how to use them. There was an aftermarket head unit fitted in there as I’m sure the factory head unit, like the climate controls, was useless.  The shifter is almost as long as a child’s forearm, which means longer shifting times, and the instrument cluster was all but flashy. Although, there was a shift indicator which to my knowledge was well ahead of it’s time. All of these things being said, there was something humbling about how this “overrated” sports car lacked any sort of flash or bling.DSC_0922
Straight (well, round) and to the point. Nothing flashy here.

The sound of this car while driving was absolutely fantastic. There may have been a little bit of drone in the interior but with an exhaust note as unique as this one I was totally okay with it. The best part about this car was the way you could feel every part of the road beneath you without it actually causing you to become irritated nor emblazoned with back pain. You could feel it hug the corners even at low speeds. Under acceleration it was smooth yet relentless even though it packs less power than a modern day Honda Accord.DSC_0978
Near flawless paint.

This car, while being amongst the last of it’s kind is doing nothing now but appreciating. The original MSRP of this car was $42,730 and it currently sits at $55,700 on the higher end (per NADA pricing guides), and this price is only going to go up. The owner, who I will keep anonymous at this time is holding on to this car for what he believes may be an aid to his retirement fund, although he really does love to drive it! He also has a small collection of other oddities that we hope to see here on GearBangerz some day soon!DSC_0834 Final
Remarkably designed body lines, iconic to the Porsche 911.

In the end, this car definitely leads the top of cars I someday wish to own, as it is an absolute masterpiece in it’s own way. The Porsche 911 Carrera is one of the last true pure sports cars to really capture the essence of what truly is that of “driving”. As always, thank you for reading!

Comment your dream car in the section at the bottom of the page!

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