The Noble M500: What We Know.

This morning I awoke to quite a surprise in the world of low-key auto manufacturers. Yesterday during the Goodwood Festival of Speed Noble Automotive (the makers of the infamously untamed Noble M600 super-car) announced their next motor-car: the Noble M500 (creative, right?).

Noble M600 Pre-Production Concept revealed yesterday at the Goodwood courtesy of Noble.

The car Noble had brought to the event isn’t much of a car at all actually, in fact it is actually a foam model of the real thing which is reportedly still in development. Could have fooled me.

A voluptuous rear end to say the least. Courtesy of AutoCar.

What we currently know from reports however is that the car will be utilizing a 550HP version of the Ford Ecoboost 3.5L V6 which is the same motor found in the Ford Raptor, GT (sort of), and a few other of their platforms. Noble have also confirmed that the engine will be mated to a Dual Clutch automatic transmission (possibly another Ford sourced piece of the puzzle?) and in the future it may be seen mated as well to the same Oerlikon Graziano 6-speed manual transmission.

Courtesy of Noble.

Noble has also confirmed that the ideal curb weight of the car will be right around 2,755 pounds (1250KG) putting this well below the weight of the cars homeland competition – the Mclaren 570s, which weighs in at a whopping 3,303 pounds (1498kgs) with a similar horsepower rating. The new super-car is also seeming to shy away from the current Carbon Fiber trend, as the body and majority of parts will be sourced from fiberglass and aluminum respectively. In my opinion, that means that judging by the apparent weight, this vehicle will be similar equipment-wise to the M600. If this means that we get another hand-built, unrefined, no frills, and all thrills street-approved pavement eating rocket ship like it’s forefather, I may just sleep a little better at night.

Courtesy of AutoCar.

The Base Price has yet to be announced, however from current reports I expect the price to be below the $200,000 mark. I base this on other current entry-level super-car prices like the Mclaren 570s  ($188k Base) and the Audi R8 ($138k base). If this is true, noble may finally be on their way to mainstream success, which if that’s true then maybe (I say this with every doubt in the world) the Noble M500 will be released stateside.

What are your thoughts on this new British super-car? Let us know in the comments!

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