The RWB x Hot Wheels Collaboration is Finally Coming.

Back in April a source from the world renowned Porsche tuning company Rauh-Welt Begriff announced on his public social media accounts that they would be collaborating with the household named die-cast makers Hot Wheels on an Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB for short) model that will be mass produced at some point in the future.

Yesterday he decided to post a photo of what appears to be a 3D printed concept of the soon-to-be released die-cast models on his Instagram.

Although earlier this month he actually stealth posted a painted version as well:

If you are a typical automotive enthusiast you probably have a shelf in your house dedicated to an assortment of Hot Wheels models. I am no exception, as I have a huge collection of Porsche Hot Wheels, so this is huge news for me especially since I am an RWB fan as well.
Although Hot Wheels has released wide-bodied Porsches in the past: like the 911 GT2 and 934.5, this is the first time they have worked with RWB although it sounds like this has been in the talks for a fairly long time. We do not know any specifics as to which color it will be or how many will be made, although I am personally hoping that it is modeled after Nakai-San (the RWB Originator)’s personal car dubbed Stella.

RWB Stella video courtesy of Youtube user tokyosanyon.

According to Christian, the finished product will be announced and displayed this weekend and will be released to the public early 2019


The new RWB Hot Wheels has been revealed! There will be 3 versions launched worldwide, the first of which appears to be the RWB Stella, Nakaisan’s personal masterpiece! It appears that they will also be a limited release, a total of 40,000 cars sold worldwide, so keep your eyes peeled for a launch date because they will surely sell fast!

Are you excited for the new die-casts set to launch early 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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